Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twenty Percent, round 2

The first round of 20% Projects were so successful, I'm having students try them again for semester 2.  Students were instructed to meet with me outside of class, bringing a list of five potential ideas for their projects.  I met with them to discuss which project they really wanted to do, what their learning goals for the project are, and how their learning is going to take the course of a whole semester.

They then had to write up proposals for yesterday's class.  They workshopped with another student to discuss ideas and how to improve the proposal, and then we went around the room with each person sharing his ideas and the class giving ideas and feedback on the proposal.

Next, they will post their decided upon project to the reflection blog,

The ideas that were proposed included:

  • writing, filming, and editing a television show
  • creating a rubric by which to evaluate restaurant meals and creating a restaurant critic blog
  • creating a guidebook for how men should understand women
  • learning about classical music theory and using that to write and perform a piece of music
  • creating a gluten free lifestyle blog and learning about making beautiful food photography
  • creating a vegetarian lifestyle blog
  • choreographing a dance for young dancers, teaching it to them, and documenting the instructional process
  • learning about song/rap writing, creating a song, using adobe products to produce and edit a music video for the song, and improving upon piano skills to perform the song.
  • character animation in 3d studio max

There's also a student who is taking an independent study type thing in Humanities 2; she intends to continue the 20 percent project she began in the first semester, bringing it to the conclusion she envisioned in October.

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