Monday, September 30, 2013

New to me Classroom

The classroom into which I moved this year is very white.  There are three walls that have white paint, and a blue wall, all the way in the back of the room, which is painted navy blue.  White floor, white table tops....  So to say the classroom needed some color is quite an understatement.

I've been scouring the inexpensive stores for tchotchkes with little success, so was super happy to find this set on the clearance rack at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Not only does it bring some color (which happen to be among my favorites), but it is also pretty hefty and so takes up a good amount of space on a very large wall.

I placed it on the wall facing the door, alongside our "windows."

So, things are starting to come together.  A student volunteered to paint me a mural; hopefully that will come to fruition!  I also plan to pickup some posters a woman offered on freecycle, which should add even more color and fun to the room.

Suggestions to brighten this space welcomed and appreciated!!

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