Thursday, April 2, 2015

#AprilBlogaDay Day 2

What have you done today to make a ripple?

Today is "one of those days." It's the day before spring break. Folks are tired and just don't want to be here.

This post rapidly turned into a vent. Rather than venting or even looking for help on finding a solution to these issues, my ripple is going to be to let it go. I will get through today and will enjoy the next week off. We'll all come back in the middle of April (!!!!) rested and recharged and ready to finish the year strong.


  1. Thanks so much for this post! Its a great reminder that sometimes we collaborate for us to help each other find solutions to what we can control and sometimes its just about breathing together about the things we can't. :)

  2. Christina-your post is something we have all felt and can so relate too! As I sat in teacher PD until 4:45 today (the eve of spring break) desperate to be home, I watching and listened to my team of ELA teachers plot out a plan to support our students who bombed the state exam in January. They were thoughtful and passionate and it was inspiring. I forgot how much I had wanted to go home just two hours earlier. I had released all the feelings and anxiety. Thanks for putting all that into a great post. Have a wonderful break.

  3. Hopefully you will come back rested, Christina, and ready to write a few more posts on your neglected blog! We miss you! #AprilBlogADay



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